Coventry Hitmakers



Their first single Sunshine Smile won rave reviews, including NME single of the week, and the number one spot on the Indie chart. The album Against Perfection followed, charting at number 70 in 1993. They released seven high quality singles during their two years as Adorable. The bands’ outspoken selfbelief was misconstrued as arrogance by the music press. This coupled with record company squabbling effectively killed off their initial momentum and their subsequent album Fake failed to shine and eventually the band were dropped from a Creation Records. Sunshine Smile got to number 70 in 1993. It did however get to number one of the Independent chart, (knocking Ride’s Twisterella into the number two slot).

“I think Pete genuinely believed we were greater than any other band around at the time and this was perceived as arrogance. I remember Alan McGee meeting with Pete and I after our first round of interviews to express his anger at how disastrous they’d been. Peter and I were shocked – we thought we’d done well. History was to prove McGee right – we had alienated the press and they never really wanted to speak to us again! ”

Wil Snidely

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