Coventry Hitmakers


When the late great John Peel died, he left a box of 142 – 7” vinyl singles, believed to be his favourites, amongst them was the single So Much In love. When you look at the company it was keeping, (I refer to the likes of Elmore James, MC5, the Beatles and of course The Undertones), it’s easy to see what an impressive legacy the band left behind them. Rugby’s Mighty Avengers, became the first local band to hit the charts in 1964, with the Jagger/Richards composition “So Much In Love”. Despite their strong connections with the Stones and Andrew Loog Oldham , they were never to chart again (until they morphed into Jigsaw that is).




I asked the legendary and very elusive Andrew Loog Oldham, if he remembered the Mighty Avengers?, he replied, “Of course, often and fondly”. I asked him if he felt they could have been bigger than they actually were? He replied in his usual delphian way,” We had good songs, and as I recall , had a nice time getting them done, and you can still hear it, it doesn’t get much better than that”.

Andrew Loog Oldham

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