Coventry Hitmakers


Coventry born Billie Myers Her break came when producer Peter Harris happened to spot her dancing in a London club, and inquired if she could sing as well as she danced. She signed to Universal Records, recording her debut album Growing Pains in Miami, Florida in 1997. The first single from the album was to be the haunting “Kiss The Rain”. Based on one of Billie‚Äôs poems, it got to number 4 in the UK and it transported her to the upper reaches of the American music. She supported Bob Dylan and Savage Garden. “Kiss The Rain” came no 31 in top US 100 of 1998. Such was her success that the single spawned a parody entitled Clean the Drain.


I never quite felt my success was real. I thought it was only a matter of time before people ‘found out’ the truth about me. There are so many talents in the world who are unsigned. So, why me? I never felt that I really fitted in.

I had such low self esteem – even when I had a song in the charts. I didn’t like to tell people what I did. Once I was in a cab on the way to a radio interview, and ‘Kiss the Rain’ came on the radio. The cabbie was singing along to it, and he said, “I love this song”. He asked me why I was taking a ride to a radio station, and instead of telling him who I was and that this was my song playing on the radio, I just told him I worked in the music industry!

Billie Myers

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