Coventry Hitmakers


Bob Davidson, Tony Beard, they along with Colin Kingsbear, Louie Woods, Phil Packham and Mal Jenkins formed the band that would become Bob Tempest and The Buccaneers. Tony became a record plugger for Don Arden, and ELO road manager. Lead singer Bob Davidson is now singing in heaven RIP. Former Buccaneer Phil Packham went on to find chart success with The Sorrows and drummer Malc Jenkins joined the Tony Martin and his Echo Four then Decca recording band The Pickwicks.


“They were glorious days” reveals Tony, “at the Orchid we shared the bill with Johnny Kidd, Wee Willie Harris and Oh Boy favourite Cuddly Dudley. Then we got to play further a field and met the likes of Eden Kane, Marty Wilde, Shane Fenton and the Dave Clark Five. I continued to be one of the groups rhythm guitar- ists, (the band were unique in having a lead guitarist and two rhythm guitarists), but I took on the extra role of manager and got the bookings too”.

Tony Beard

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