Coventry Hitmakers


The group was built around Coventry’s Mr. Entertainment, Irish born Bob Brolly MBE. Calvary built up an enviable reputation on the club scene, playing locally, nationally and even internationally. Bob currently presents on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire radio and continues to entertain as a solo performer with a strong Irish slant. He’s also well known for his fund raising, making literally millions for charity. In October 2001 Bob was named Coventry’s Citizen Of The Month. In November of the same year, Bob was presented with a special Papal Certificate together with a special blessing from the Pope. Both were in recognition of Bob’s devoted services to charity.


“Without blowing my own trumpet, we had a great band of musicians. We had Neil from Drops Of Brandy and Ted Duggan on drums, I was surrounded by fantastic musi- cians over the years. They all made my job of standing at the front very easy”. They became the Bass promotion band packing Working Men’s clubs every night, as a co- vers band they had the knack of often per- forming the songs better live than the origi- nal musicians could do. “I was literally working every night of the week, we did a couple of our own gigs, then any night we didn’t have a gig Bass took us, So we opened pubs and clubs the length and breath of the country.”

Bob Brolly

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