Coventry Hitmakers


They formed from the Sundowners in the late 1950’s in Birmingham, and proceeded to play a ton of live dates in the Coventry area. They were looked after by Reg Calvert for a short while, suitably attired as The Merry Men backing Rob- by Hood (Mike West). In 1965 Mick Adkins finally settled down to married life and he was replaced by a fresh-faced guitarist called Jeff Lynne. Mick passed away in 2007, god bless. The bands manager was none other than former Vampires front-man Vince Martin.




“We all could see Jeff was a bit tasty as a guitarist, he used to play “Baby Please Don’t Go” and he totally nailed it, he was spot on. He was very shy and naive in those days, and he refused to sing, we did tease him a lot. I think that 18 months with The Chads gave him a good grounding, we kept in touch for a long time, though sadly he never seems keen to acknowledge his roots as a member of the Chads”.


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