Coventry Hitmakers


Leamington’s top beat band, known for their ’twin’ guitar sound. For seven months the band were fronted by a young Spanish girl singer named Rosalinda Kasparavicius (pre-dating the ‘tiny’ Spanish invasion from Los Bravos with Black is Black by three years). They appeared on the TV show For Teenagers Only on two occasions. Sadly Woody is no longer with us. Lynne Curtis of the Mustangs fame was once a temporary member of the Challengers.



39Challengers-001“As with many bands of that era we built our act around playing a healthy slab of cover songs from the current hit parade. However we did get into the recording session on three occasions, and recorded That’s Love and Lovers Don’t Pay (the respective A and B sides to their one and only single), plus No Other Baby, I Beg Of You, Matchbox and April In Portugal”.

Bob Saunders

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