Coventry Hitmakers


Thus far, the areas most successful heavy rock band. Forever living under the banner of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (or N.W.O.B.H.M). They wooed the rock fans and pulled off support slots to Space rockers Hawkwind playing at Cov’s Tiffanys in 1980. Martin Cure’s musical CV looks like a veritable who’s who of local bands. From The Sabres, The Peeps, Rainbows, Still Life to Cupids Inspiration. They gained a prize spot on the EMI Metal For Muthas Vol 2 album with the track Chevy.


“Chevy really came out of Cupids Inspiration. After years of playing covers we decided we wanted to write our own music, so Chevy were formed, with the addition of local guitarist Steve Walwyn (now Dr Feelgood). We released an album called “The Taker” and two singles from the Album. We recorded Two “In Concerts” for the BBC and toured constantly in the UK. Excellent band, played some fantastic gigs but with naff Management it was bound to end in tears.Folks. Chas the drummer left and we replaced him with Ted Duggan. That’s Rock & Roll and we carried onwith Chevy MkII for a while, but eventually ran out of steam and > turned into Red on Red”.

Martin Cure

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