Coventry Hitmakers


Skinhead band fronted by Craig St Leon, they rejected the usual right-wing leanings most Oi/Skin bands held (that didn’t stop them being lumped in with them though). Oi guru Gary Bushell was a fan and it led to them appearing on the controversial compilation album Strength through Oi. The band influenced American band Criminal Class USA, who are still rocking today. The band continues to play today, now with former Squad front man Gus Chambers on vocals.



The TV news programme Nationwide got into the act, and did a piece on the skinhead Oi movement, and read out Criminal Class’s lyrics to Blood on The Streets claiming them racist. “Gary Bushell defended us” Craig reveals, ” What it was we sang White youth, but in the next verse we sang black youth, it was about the race riots, but it was all taken out of context and twisted, the truth was I had a muslim girlfriend at the time, so how could I be racist?”.

Craig St Leon

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