Coventry Hitmakers


Zany, madcap and off-the-wall, three words that just about sum up this band. Led for many years by Chris Sidwell, with more than a little help from Alf Hardy. As to be expected they have released a large body of work overt the years, some of it now very collectable, they still continue to release CD’s and play the ‘odd’ gig now and again. Alf Hardy was also part of large festival playing band Tubilah Dog, they had a political edge to them and would have probably been called Hippies had they surfaced two decades earlier. They became part of the fabled Hawkwind family and released records as Hawkdog.

Chris followed the album with a new very different project and stood for Parlia- ment on behalf of Screaming Lord Sutch’s Monster Party where he got to ap- pear on TV’s Newsnight with his Crocodile Tears album firmly in hand. “I stood for Matlock”, reveals Chris, “The Newsnight interview was one of the shortest on record, they had just raised the deposit to £500 to stop the likes of me standing for Parliament so as soon as they saw the record under my arm they stopped filming pretty quickly. The party had some good ideas though, like getting every- one out of the country so we could give it a jolly good spring clean because the fabrics of society were becoming a bit eroded”!

Chris Sidwell

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