Coventry Hitmakers


No one ever performed folk music like this before. Dando managed to create a ‘heavy prog’ vibe using just acoustic instruments. The band was made up of very competent musicians and the superb vocals of Leamington’s Polly Bolton. They released a handful of original and exciting albums. The name Dando Shaft is a character from a bawdy American paperback. Coventry guitar-maker Bob Armstrong makes Kevin’s guitars. Dando Shaft albums are hugely collectable, with some worth up to £200!


“John Martyn was just fantastic, he really liked us and helped Dando Shaft in those early days, his promoter Sandy Glennon was also a pivotal factor in our develop- ment. Sandy got us some studio time at the famous Pye Studios Marble Arch. As luck would have it producer Miki Dallon was there and asked us that marvellous question do you want to make an album? Of course we did”, we replied.

Kevin Dempsey

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