Coventry Hitmakers


The Enemy shook the music scene of the noughties with their powerful music and anthemic songs. Hits include ‘Away From Here’, ‘Had Enough’ and ‘You’re Not Alone’. The whole country went ‘Enemy mad’ and Coventry experienced a kind of second coming, as The Enemy continued adding to the Coventry music legacy that had been so evident in the early 1980s. They remain the only local act to have reached number one in the album charts. On Sunday 15th July 2007 The Enemy made history by becoming the very first Coventry act to hit the coveted number one spot on the album chart (the album going straight in at number one) with ‘We’ll Live and Die In These Towns’.




Liam talking on the eve of their glorious 2008 homecoming at the Ricoh.

The Ricoh is a city landmark, when we played the Colly, we felt that there was no way to go after that, but here we are. I asked how he felt to get the whole city buzzing, “This is what we wanted, ground roots level, sort of our own little army of fans, who are well up for it, and well into it. We are never going to be a band that’s not accessi- ble; we will always keep that contact with the fans”.

Liam Watts

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