Coventry Hitmakers


Electronic based duo (Martyn Bates and Pete Becker), they released a plethora of excellent albums for Cherry Red in the 80’s. They reformed in 2005, and continued to produce intelligent atmospheric music. Their first single Kodak Ghosts Run Amok is collectable it would set you back £25, if you could find it that is. Martyn was once the vocalist with the mark 1 Reluctant Stereotypes. Not something he is keen to talk about nowadays.




Their creativity was never caged by record company ‘suits’. Pete Becker puts it like this “We were always pressuring the record company (Cherry Red). If we had struck a deal with a major, it would have been on acceptable terms as regards artistic content/presentation, so I guess they could have tried it on, but we would never do anything twice if we felt like fools the first time”!

Peter Becker

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