Coventry Hitmakers


Rugby musician Andy Hayward had been rockin’ in various bands since 1963. Like Sam Spade, The Tea Set and finally this three piece Fagin Quill. They were Psychedelic and proud of it. When Andy got a job in London he used to commute, and often talked to Pete Waterman on the train journey.




“I joined a new band (this time switching to bass) Fagin Quill (all these crazy names were my doing!), an explosive 3 piece, playing blues/rock performing self -penned songs and with our own lightshow (run by Maurice Murphy). We ran a club in our native Rugby but played as far away as London in blues clubs and universities and many times in Coventry where we were once described in an ad: “…don’t miss this fantastic group with a lightshow to end all lightshows…” and that was following the incredible Jigsaw!!

Andy Hayward


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