Coventry Hitmakers


56Fresh_maggotts-003Despite their name, this duo produced some fine melodic folk/rock. They produced one great album for RCA in 1971. It’s now super rare and worth around £400 in mint condition. The Song Who’s to Die was inspired by a near fatal car accident in Coventry’s Eagle Street, and the title of the song Rosemary Hill was inspired by the Kenilworth road of the same name.


“In the winter of 1971 we released our only single Car Song”, reveals Leigh. it was a clapping sing-a-long type thing, the music paper Disc seemed to like it, then our manager Mike got bored with us and moved on, we tried to do it on our own but it was difficult especially with full time jobs and by 1972 we just fizzled out”.

Leigh Dolphin

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