Coventry Hitmakers


Even before the decline of The Specials, three of its members had thoughts in other places. Lynval Golding, Terry Hall and Neville Staple formed a new band in 1981. Far away from Ska and pork pie hats, they went on to hit the charts with the songs, “Ain’t What You Do it’s The Way That You Do It” (with Bananarama), “Tunnel Of Love”, “The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum”, “Our Lips Are Sealed” and “The Telephone Always Rings”. Their second album Waiting was released in 1983 produced by the Talking Heads legend David Byrne. The guys also cameoed as hitch hikers (holding up a Coventry placard) in the madness video Driving In my Car.



“There was a song [Well Fancy That!] on the second Fun Boy Three album that dealt with me being sexually abused as a kid and that really helped. But the idea of being a tortured soul day in and day out doesn’t appeal at all.”

Terry Hall

Hall’s frankness is charming and disconcerting. When David Byrne, who produced that album, heard the song’s candid description of Hall’s abuse by a teacher, he told one interviewer: “He didn’t tell his mum, he didn’t tell his friends, but he’s going to tell everybody.”

David Byrne

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