Coventry Hitmakers


Hit huge with the film Breaking glass, and was immediately christened the Queen of Punk. She hit the charts on many occasions, though it was the songs D-Days, Eighth Day and Will You that made the biggest impact. She continues to act and sing. Hazel’s first TV appearance was on kid’s TV show Metal Mickey as female robot Roberta. Hazel took part in the all day charity concert held at the Butts Stadium in 1981 My personal stand out moment was towards the end of Hazel O’Connor’s set, she came and sat down her legs dangling over the front of the stage. The opening bars of Will You began and the words spine and shivers spring to mind. A beautiful song, a beautiful moment and the end to a terrific day.




90Hazel_OConnor-004She appeared on ITV’s show Hit Me Baby One More Time. Performing her classic Will You and a stunningly original take on Kylie Minogue’s Can’t Get It Out Of My Head. She sadly didn’t win (losing out to Hue & Cry) I talked to her on the eve of the show she was excited by the whole experi- ence.” I’m just happy to be here, win or lose it doesn’t matter, I’m just happy having this opportunity”. I asked her if she had the chance would she do the whole Breaking Glass thing again and she replied, “! I would absolutely do it all again, definitely”.

Hazel O’Connor.

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