Coventry Hitmakers


Madcap inventive band, originally called The Machine (as featured on The Sent From Coventry LP with Character Change). Members have included former Specials drummer Silverton and the zany Roland ‘Ollie’ Oliver or Doc Mustard in their ranks as well as Michael Collins, Julian Bell, Jim Pryal and Tony Clarke. They supported ska band Bad Manners in 1982. Hot Snax once came first in a Mercia Sound Music Competition.




“I have indelible memories of listen- ing to my parents collection of 78’s on the walnut radi- ogram. From the Blues Of The Night to The Warsaw Concerto. I was packed off to boarding School in Gt Crosby, Liver- pool. Overall it was quite a traumatic experience which is why I left of my own accord aged sixteen rather than get expelled for smoking pot and mourning the era of the Beatles which was an intense influence during my incarceration in Liverpool. boarding school was an environment of fear and longing.”

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