Coventry Hitmakers


Steve Teers was the creative force behind the band, they favoured female vocalists and appeared on the Coventry Compilation EP Boys and Girls Come Out To play. The Boys and Girls Come Out To Play EP, now commands high prices from collectors. It came with a pink side for girls and a blue for boys and a natty fold out poster sleeve.




92Human_Cabbages-004“It was about this time that we were ap- proached by Guy Surtees from a band called Profile about putting together a Compilation EP. He also put an ad in Alter- native Sounds and after a meeting, the idea for ‘Boys and Girls Come Out To Play’ was formed. The pink side was fronted by female singers, the blue by males. No big financial music mogul’s around though – each band had to fork out about a hundred quid to make it happen. Whilst others booked the recording time at Woodbine, Leamington, I took on board the printing of the vinyl & the covers. The bands came up with there own artwork which made up with a sixth of the sleeve wrap & it took a few calls to Sounds music paper to dig up the numbers of mastering & duplication facto- ries. MySpace was a long way off then”.

Steve Teers

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