Coventry Hitmakers


Although they became based in Bedworth and Nuneaton they called themselves Janet and The Three Spires because of their connections with Coventry where they all originally came from. From October 63 to April 64 a time span of just six months they had an amazing 38 bookings. Keith was once asked to join the illustrious Ken Platt and his golden trumpet after he had played drums for him. Keith turned down the offer of cruise line work, bad move as four months later he was to leave Janet and The Three Spires anyway.

“One of the most memorable gigs was at The Tollbar in Coventry, They absolutely loved us, when we came out though it got really frightening, they mobbed our van, banging on the roof and windows and nearly tipped it over. For a moment we knew how the Beatles felt, and what it was like to be that popular”.

Keith Frost

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