Coventry Hitmakers


Formed in the early 60’s, they released the R’n’B influenced single ‘Little Bit O’soul’, but it failed to chart. They became The Sensations in 1967. Little Bit O’soul may have failed to chart for the Little Darlings, but the song was later recorded by the American band from Ohio The Music Explosion and made number two in the US charts in 1967. That wasn’t the end of the song by any means. In 1983 punk godfathers The Ramones covered the song on their Subterranean Jungle album, and gave it a new lease of life.

“When we played our single live at the Locarno”, saysJohn, ”I played the keyboard fills on my guitar, some- one said that it sounded better live, than on record, boy we were sick! The single (released on the Fontana Record label), was written by Ivy League members John Carter and Ken Lewis. The Disc music paper said of it….”The Little Darlings’ noise sounds just great”.

John Gilroy

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