Coventry Hitmakers


With Mouldy Old Dough, Lieutenant Pigeon had created a perfect novelty song but with the addition of Rob’s Mother in the band the concept had been extended and sound and image merged together perfectly to create a novelty classic that would see the band top the charts for four weeks. When Mouldy Old Dough hit the top spot in the UK, Chuck Berry was doing the same in the US charts with My Ding A-ling. That meant that both singles on either side of the Atlantic had been recorded in Coventry, Mouldy Old Dough in Kingsway, Stoke and My Ding A-ling at The Locarno in Coventry City Centre.




“We were grateful for the Mouldy Old Dough hit ”, reveals Rob Woodward. “With Decca on our side at this time I felt we could muster a lower half of the top twen- ty. When it hit the number one spot I was knocked sideways -to say the least! I must say that reality did kick in though having to follow up a number one hit. It definitely had the cards stacked against it -as far as the UK was concerned, this of course proved to be the case with Desperate Dan reaching only number 17, the classic double-edged sword”!

Rob Woodward


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