Coventry Hitmakers


The Matadors played so much in Coventry that most people thought they were from the town, indeed they once won a Best Coventry Band contest. They recorded one single for Colombia, A Man’s Gotta Stand Tall (as the Four Matadors) produced by none other that the legendary Joe Meek. Their Colombia single A Man’s Gotta Stand Tall/Fast Cars and Money is now worth around £80 in mint condition, thanks mainly for it’s Joe Meek connection.




“We went down to Holloway Road, Lon- don, to the house Joe Meek used as his recording studio. I found him arrogant and not over-friendly, instead of a normal mixing desk Meek had his in a stack and worked standing up, and he looked like a teddy boy. He fixed Dan Findley’s piano keys with paper and drawing pins to get the sound he wanted, everything was very experimental”.

Dave Colkin

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