Coventry Hitmakers


Kenilworth’s big rock n roll band of the early 60’s. Lynn Curtis fronted the band for a time as did Ricky Starr with his unfeasibly large DA haircut. Lynn went on to re- lease the country- influenced Decca 45 “House for Sale”. The Mustangs were one of the first ever bands to use echo effect. Martin Noble borrowed his Dad’s Telefunken reel-to-reel tape recorder and inserted a switch that made it play back within a spit second, instant echo!! (Just a single one, we weren’t greedy!) It sounded great to us although we knew we couldn’t play for more than 45 minutes as the tape would run out!

“Our parents all realised we were serious about the band and agreed to stand guarantors for a brand new set of guitars. We decided that Fenders were old hat and American. – Burns, however were Eng- lish and played by the Shadows! (big mistake) They were certainly well made and finished. We also in- vested in a Vox AC 30 amp and speaker cabinet. We were beginning to look like a band now, with our plain white shirts and jeans. We then met a charac- ter called Vince Martin from Coventry who was at the tail end of a singing career but could still make Ricky Starr look second rate, especially in his gold lame suit! Vince did a few gigs with us and livened up the band no end! I remember going all the way to a Skegness holiday camp in his Mini Traveller with most of our gear on board!”

Pat Brook

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