Coventry Hitmakers


The Orchids comprised of three 15 year old school girls (Georgina Oliver, Pamela Jarman and Valerie Jones), managed by Larry Page. They signed to Decca releasing a series of excellent singles including the ‘almost a hit’ Love Hit Me. Though the groups tour de force was Solider Boy written by Georgina herself. The Orchids are featured on the following CD compilations, Go Girl-Dream Babes Vol.4 (Love Hit Me, Mr Scrooge and Gonna Make Him Mine) and the recently re-released The Girls Scene (Oo- Chang-A-lang and Soldier Boy).




Orchids-002“We were once taken out to lunch by Andrew Old- ham (Stone’s manager) We were so in awe of him I don’t think we uttered a word to him the whole time we were out. He took us to a posh pavement cafe in Soho. We didn’t know whether he was paying or not and as we didn’t have any money (we were still on pocket money and saw virtually no money from our record sales) we said we weren’t hungry (we were!) and had nothing to eat! He must have thought we were totally weird”.

Georgina Oliver


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