Coventry Hitmakers


The Albrigton brothers Arthur (Modie) and his brother Roye Both are now located in Germany, but their roots are firmly entrenched in Coventry and it’s music scene. Modie a top class guitarist and blues harp player began with the local band Makeshift. Before moving onto Peppermint Kreem a 5 piece rock band that headlined a Memorial Park concert in the mid sixties. They even recorded their own rock opera Revelations 2001 (at Time Machine Studios Earlsdon). Members included founder Paul Kennelly, Tom Ryan, Dave Fairclough and Ray Haywood. Modie went on to join the likes of Nuts and Bolts, Crossfire and Heaven Sent a club band that would include Rodney Byers in its ranks. Roye joined German based prog rockers Nektar. I remember going to the Coventry theatre when I was 8 years old to see a pantomime called Jack and the Beanstalk playing was Larry Adler he threw small harmonics out and said anyone that has one come on the stage when I got on the stage with him I told him I had my own so I did a duet with him my GOD I wish there was a chance to make a recording but that was not possible in these times.




“I met Paul Kennelly and we started playing together Bands like Plague Makeshift Peppermint Kreem I then played for New City Sounds and others After this I went to Germany in 1976 I am also well known in Germany the part were I live”.

Modie Albrighton

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