Coventry Hitmakers


The Primitives released a stream of infectious pop anthems like “Thru The Flowers”, “Out of Reach” and of course the hugely popular “Crash”. The latter put the band on the world stage, and on every pop magazine cover. The band continues to play together today. The Coventry Music Museum is proud to have as part of our volunteer team Len and Ruth Cattell, Tracy’s Mum and Dad.



“I wrote pretty much all the songs – Tracy contributed a lyric here and there. The music was a band effort with varying degrees of producer input. Crash was about the 3rd or 4th song I wrote for the Prims back in late 85. It was a fuzzed up Ramones thrash back then and we later dropped it from the set as there was an abundance of that type of song. It was resurrected late 87 at the suggestion of either Paul Sampson or our manager Wayne Morris. We’d just signed to RCA and the new tarter up crash got us a publishing deal and put us on top of the pops, which was still a bit of an achievement in the late 80s.”

Paul Court

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