Coventry Hitmakers


The Selecter did it their way, compare them with the Specials at your own peril. Neol Davies’s insightful and danceable songs were the perfect ammunition for Pauline Black’s acerbic deliveries. When this band were hot, they were hot, and probably represented the Two Tone ethos better than any of the other bands on the label. Classics like Too Much Pressure, On my Radio and Three Minute Hero will still call you to the dance floor whenever they are played. Despite the fact that they will forever be labelled a Two tone band, they actually left the label as early as 1980.




“The Selecter was life- changing for both the band members and the fantastic audiences we played for, changes still reverberating even now, nearly 30 years on. The 2 Tone movement was perhaps the last of the music/fashion movements and some would regret the fact that these events will never happen again in the same way or have the same substance. Never mind, we rocked…and that’s the main thing”.

Neol Davies

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