Coventry Hitmakers


Cov’s number one punk band, famous for including Special-to-be Terry Hall in it’s line-up, though his replacement Gus Chambers would become the mainstay of the band. They released two great singles (Millionaire and Red Alert) in the seventies, and appeared on the Sent From Coventry LP singing Flasher. Gus went on to form 21 Guns, much later joining metal giants Grip Inc. Gus is sadly no loner with us. Whilst Grip Inc were resting Gus formed the band “Squad 21″ the name of course is made up from former bands Squad and 21 Guns, they released one album entitled Skullduggery. It includes reworkings of 21 Guns, The Flasher and Millionaire.




“We were sitting in this club with a couple of band members, when in burst a guy with a huge kitchen knife screaming all punks must die because they had killed Elvis Presley. No one was hurt but it shows what a negative role the media played in it’s portrayal of punks”. “There were however some positives in that time” Gus says. “The race barriers was smashed down during this period and there was nothing stronger than a united front”.

Gus Chambers



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