Coventry Hitmakers


Began life as a club band, until Pete Waterman took them on and turned them into Coventry’s answer to the Bay City Rollers. They scored a top forty with Alright Baby in 1975, so becoming the ‘Hitmans’ first hit! The band once shared an agency in Wolverhampton with Led Zeppelin’s rock god Robert Plant, one day a rather bemused Plant walked unmolested through a throng of screaming Stevenson’s Rocket fans oblivious to the fact they had just ignored a 25% of the greatest rock band in the world. Alright Baby faired better on the Radio Luxembourg RTL chart reaching a creditable number 22!


“Monday nights at Tiffanys were a complete eye opener, an amazing time, but we were really green in those days. Teenage girls were throwing bracelets, rings and scarves on the stage at us, I was desperate to give all this stuff back to their rightful owners, until Pete Waterman explained they were gifts from adoring fans and should not be returned!”

Alan Twigg


Dave Reid reveals that he had a lot of time for Pete Waterman, “because he had a lot of time for us, he was with us for nearly three years solid promoting us on tour. We couldn’t ask for more, he often referred to himself as the “sixth rocket”.

Dave Reid

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