Coventry Hitmakers


Two 13-year-old Cardinal Wisemen schoolgirls who were overheard by their teacher singing a song in the playground that turned out to be written by the girls. They signed to Decca Records in 1965 and released the self-penned single “Traitor In Disguise”!, and the B-Side,”I Love You (Yes I Do)”. The story goes that guitar legend Bert Weedon helped the girls secure the Decca contract. I put this to Bert, and he has absolutely no recollection of it ever happening. The follow-up 45 was to be “Teenage Dreamer”, with a Christmas song entitled “Panda” on the reverse, sadly it never materialised.


Sue_and_Mary-002“I remember going into the recording studio and the backing band saying they wish they could change places with us. I didn’t understand it at the time and it’s only now I realise what a great opportunity we had. At the time we were very innocent and very naïve and I don’t think we really re- alised what we were involved in”

Mary McGlynn

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