Coventry Hitmakers


Tarsem Singh, Taz , Johnny Zee or Stereo Nation, all these names describe a Coventry kid who had taken his music to another level, a man who has created a huge legacy in his own inimitable way. He pioneered pop fusion as a lyricist, composer, DJ and producer. His first album Hit The Decks stormed the UK Asian pop charts and remained at number one for an amazing 36 weeks (eat your heart out Bryan Adams) and has become one of the best selling Asian fusion releases of all time.



“My nerves were jumping out of my skin, the feeling reminded me of when I released my very first album ‘Hit The Deck’ in 1989 as Johnny Zee. I was very apprehensive as well as being petrified.

I take life as it comes and embrace every challenge with vigor and 100 % confidence. I guess the actor in me has always been there, and itching to come out, but like everything in life it needs working on and nurturing and maybe one day the big boy Directors may give me a chance to further this side of me. I believe in Kismet and Fate, Never say Never Cos Dreams can come true”

Taz on his film debut

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