Coventry Hitmakers


Cov’s funk soul brothers, represented blue eyed soul not dissimilar to the Dexys Midnight Runners brand. The changing line-up included names like Jerome Heisler, Mick Galic (who actually became a Dexy’s), Dave Pepper, John Hewitt, and Jim Lantsbery who both would later join King. They signed a deal to John Bradbury’s Race Record and released the rather good Move into the Rhythm single.

An aborted EP would have included the following live tracks recorded in Norwich. Body & Soul, Hold On I’m Coming, End Of The Line, Touch Me and What’s the Game




94Team_23-003“Basically for the last five months of the band. We spent all of the time rehearsing and we only ever played one night with that line-up, actually at The Sportsman’s Arms. During all this I had auditioned for Dexy’s Midnight Runners, and actually got the job, so by the time we played the last gig, we all knew it was over for Team 23. My lasting memory of the band was the enthusiasm and skill we all had, even at that young age, we had a lot of promise and potential that was never realized”.

Mick Galic

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