Coventry Hitmakers


A trio consisting of Simon O’Grady (vocals & bass) Peter Burke (drums) and John O’Sullivan (vocals & guitar). Had a brand of high-energy guitar based 60’s retro rock, and released a four track 12inch EP in 1985 on Cabin’s Sonar Label. In 1989 they morphed into ‘superband’ The Hungry i . Hungry i were included in an REM biography for their unconventional cover version of an unreleased REM song.




“We signed with Cabin’s in- house label Sonar Records”, John reveals, “and released our first record, a 12” E.P. in 1985 with the song “Freefall” as the lead track. Then we secured a residency at the city’s Rose & Crown pub. That helped elevate the band’s reputation as one of the best live acts in Coventry. One of our ‘fans’, Horace Panter of the Specials, was nice enough to finance the re- cording of their entire set at Cabin studios. However, fame and fortune still eluded us. The mid 80s weren’t the best time to be a three-piece 60s guitar band, the pop world being dominated at that time by keyboards, big hair and heavy handed synthetic drum sounds! Rather than change our style to please record companies, we chose to please ourselves and remain true to our roots (and starved to death!)”

John O’Sullivan

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