Coventry Hitmakers


Actually began operation in the 1950’s, and in doing so became one of the first rock n roll combo’s in the area.



Despite never releasing a record, former members of the Vampires had four UK chart hits between them (1 for Barry Bernard with Pinkertons Colours 2 for Barry with Jigsaw and one for Phil Packham with the Sorrows).




“We got a lot of attention, as we were the only rock ’n’ roll band about. It was like a magnet, the kids were buying the records of the day, but rarely got a chance to see any live bands. So that’s were we came in, of course we had problems at first, it seems strange now but this was all new then and some people considered rock ’n’ roll the devils music. Some places wouldn’t even have us on”.

Vince Martin, The Vampires

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