Coventry Hitmakers


 After a year of playing together in The Ramblers, Roy and Graham Harrity formed the duo the Vendor Twins in 1962 (they chose ‘Vendor’ as they were known for playing the song The Peanut Vendor).


One night we were at the Bamber Club on Foleshill Road, guitar legend Bert Weedon was there setting up and he heard us warming up. He must have liked what he had heard, because he asked us to back him. He lived in Coventry at the time, Allesley way I believe so it was easy for him to go to gigs all around the country. So he told us what he wanted to play and gave us our cues off we went. He was good enough to sign a picture of himself”

Roy Harrity





Bert Weedon was Britain’s guitar pioneer, and his ‘Play in a Day’ tutorial has inspired millions of budding musicians to pick up the guitar. I contacted him about living in Coventry and he replied, “Yes we did have a second home in Allesley, Nr Coventry for some years”.


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