Coventry Hitmakers


A true professional and a real gentleman. Vince began as a member of the Raindrops. Finding fame as a solo artist and TV regular. His hits have included Edelweiss, Roses of Picardy and the Importance of Your Love.


Edelweiss is one of the most popular songs to be played at funerals. When Edelweiss hit big a battle began with his old record company Pye who released the five year old recording of If You Knew and claimed it was the follow up to Edelweiss!

“I was born in Coventry and went to Hen Lane School as it was then, my first tentative notes in front of an audience were in a pub in Margate, of all places. It was aptly called The Prospect. It’s just a car park now I understand .My mother cajoled me into entering a Talent Contest which I won the first prize was a week’s holiday at the pub the second prize was 2 weeks as they say! Having got the taste for this singing lark I took it quite seriously and had lessons with Ivy Fitton and soon started singing around the local pubs and clubs. Hen Lane Club The Bantam, especially The Bantam, The Unicorn Club and Rowleys Green are still vivid memories for me. I soon started to stretch my wings though Cox Street Club, Radford Club, all round the Midlands and up as far as Sheffield in York- shire”

Vince Hill

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