Coventry Hitmakers



One of the, if not the hardest working bands in the area. They have been together for nearly 50 amazing years, and were one of the first few rock ‘n’ roll bands in the City. Maurice Redhead, and Terry Wyatt have remained core members but many like Steve Jones, Nigel Lomas and Olly Warner have all been Zodiacs at some point. They appeared on New Faces in 1977 singing the Steve Jones and Rod Bainbridge song “Last Night we Called It A Day”. Unlike most of the bands in this book, the Zodiacs are still a going concern, how cool is that!



“I had a call from a friend Tommy Marshall who worked at The Sound Centre music shop, he had been approached by The Shadows people who were appearing that night at Coventry Theatre. Hank Marvin was looking for a replacement diode bulb for his Morley effects pedal. Tommy knew that I was the only person who always carried spares. When he told me it was for Hank Marvin I thought he was having a laugh? After about the third frantic phonecall I began to believe him. I took the di- ode to Coventry Theatre, and wandered onto the stage where the Shad’s were sound checking. Marvin asked if he could help me, I replied I think I can help you and produced the spare. The band were so grateful they offered me tickets for the show that night”.
Terry Wyatt


Terry Wyatt and Steve Jones were both original members of The Sabres.
The Zodiacs are the longest performing Coventry band.

36Zodiacs-003the boys celebrate 50 years together.

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